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Why Good Charlotte Sucks

By: ScaredFace13 aka Bobby


Ok I am definately not going to explain every reason for Good Charlotte sucking.  If I was, I would be here all day.  I am gonna point out the obvious reasons, and if you don't agree with me, oh well, its my site and your opinions don't matter here (just kidding).  Let me know what you guys think, and I will post them below the picture -
Let me start by saying that Good Charlotte has not always sucked.  When I saw them on Warped 2001 promoting their first cd, they were pretty good, I'll admit.  But, let me tell you what ruined them.  It was this whole "punk is back and everyone likes it, especially teenage girls" phase that started going on.  3 years ago, hardly anyone liked punk.  Now everyone likes punk.  You know who we have to blame for this? Blink 182! They are a good band, don't get me wrong, but as soon as they hit TRL, every teenage girl in the world started looking up every punk band they could find.  I am not talking about the "ugly" punk bands, the "real" punk bands.  They didn't want to listen to the Sex Pistols or the Ramones or Blag Flag or even the Misfits. They wanted to listen to the "pretty boy punk" such as Blink 182, Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte.  Blink 182 and Good Charlotte used to be ok, but now they are completely gone in my eyes.   Simple Plan can screw off for all I care, they have always sucked.  See,. if it was only those 3 bands that sucked, that would be fine, but now, my beloved band, AFI, is starting to go mainstream!  When I seen them in 2001, they were not many people, but now, in 2003 when they played, TEENAGE GIRLS WEARING AFI MERCH!!!!! EVERYWHERE! I thought I was going to faint!  This cannot happen! We the people cannot let this happen! Please, oh please, send me your comments at the address mention above! Let me show everyone that I am not the only one that believes this! I am going to stop now, I'm getting all worked up.  Anyway, guys thanks very much for hearing my opinion on this otherwise useless topic.

Any comments I get from visitors and the such, I will put down here.